June 15, 2024

About Us

Metro TV, headquartered in Pathanamthitta, has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of digital journalism, marking its inception as the first online news TV in the region. Launched under the hashtags #pathanamthittametrotv and #pathanamthittalocalnews, we pride ourselves on setting the digital stage for news dissemination through the innovative use of social media platforms. In a groundbreaking move, we've partnered with Asianet Digital Service to broadcast content, not just on conventional channels but extending our reach into the dynamic world of social media.

Since our establishment on December 30, 2011, Metro TV has committed to delivering news-centric programming that resonates with viewers in and around the Pathanamthitta district, ensuring comprehensive coverage of local happenings and beyond. Our dedication to reaching audiences at every level has cemented our status as a beloved news channel within our community. Advertisers find value in partnering with us, witnessing tangible outcomes from their engagement through consistent viewer responses to their campaigns.

Our ambition doesn't stop at news; Metro TV is also at the forefront of creating engaging short films that incorporate cutting-edge graphics, diverse models, and innovative concepts. This endeavor reflects our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and providing our audience with content that not only entertains but also informs and inspires.

Under the visionary leadership of Binu Thomas (Binu Vazhamuttom), our Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Metro TV benefits from a wealth of experience in the media industry. The channel's success is a testament to the collective effort of our professional team, whose expertise and passion for storytelling are unparalleled. Together, we aim to elevate entertainment to new heights with a slew of original programs designed to engage viewers, foster personal growth, and highlight the pressing issues of today.

In our pursuit of excellence, Metro TV aspires to expand its reach, connecting with wider audiences and enabling our clients to explore new markets. With a focus on innovation, quality content, and impactful storytelling, we are not just a channel but a community, continuously evolving to meet and exceed the expectations of our viewers and partners.